SoapCycle Overview

SoapCycle software was created to realize one goal above all - an easily understood, truly problem oriented medical record (POMR). To optimize comprehension, a patent pending visual interface was created for the medical record.

“Premise (1). All the data in the medical record must be identified with a problem . . .”
Lawrence L. Weed, M.D., “Father” of the POMR
In New England Journal of Medicine 1968; 278:593-600

Few, if any medical records, electronic or paper, have met this goal, even after more than 35 years. Sometimes some of the data is identified with a problem, but rarely is "All of the data" identified with a problem. Meeting this goal is the foundation of making the record easily understood. Creating a medical record of this quality has always required increased effort from the creators of the record. SoapCycle is a way to reduce that burden substantially.

(Created by SoapCycle software, Patent Pending, Copyright©2006, Family Vet, Inc., All Rights Reserved, Escondido, CA)

The red flow arrows in this view are overlaid on a portion of the medical record created by SoapCycle.

In SoapCycle, the record visually represents the conceptual flow of medical care. Actions (or Plans in the SOAP terminology), some of which result in observations are entered in the right column. Above, this is shown as a physical exam resulting in historical and physical observations (Subjective and Objective in the SOAP terminology) in the left column of the following cycle. These observations lead to certain assessments and an identification of problems present (A in the SOAP terminology) in the middle column. These are called categories in SoapCycle since some of them are not actual problems. Examples of non problem categories above are the "Normal" and "Preventive Care" categories. Then the doctor performs additional actions to either remedy the identified problems or to diagnose them in greater detail.

The data entered can easily converted to problem oriented form. This is done by first selecting observations, categories and actions by clicking which highlights them as shown with some observations above. Then you click the Add Connections or Replace Connections buttons (seen on homepage image). The observations and actions then sort themselves into appropriate groups bases on their connections.


Using SoapCycle, you can create a medical record that is not only legible like any electronic medical record, but easily understood. It is a medical record that even many lay people can look at and answer some simple, yet very important questions which are often unanswerable with current medical records, paper or electronic:

1. What observations led you to believe you have these problems?
2. Why (for what problems) did you perform these actions or procedures?

You will find you can create a medical record that is pleasing instead of frustrating to read.