Alex Sherer

I am a veterinarian from Escondido, California which is near San Diego. My wife and I own a small animal practice named Village Veterinary Hosptial(where there is a photo of me and my wife). I have been interested in computers since I grew up in Silicon Valley in the 1970's. I have been interested in the applications of computers to medicine since the early 1980's when I started veterinary school.

Frustrated by the lack of true problem oriented medical record software in the early 1990's, I decided to create my own. It is a major undertaking, especially when attempted in the free time left over from operating a medical practice and rasing a family. So I did get help. Dr. Prakash Nadkarni of Yale University consulted on the data schema. Tyrell Software, especially Johnie Wardlaw and Toby Gustafson helped with programming.

The software is in the early testing stages and a few minor, but important features remain to be completed. If you find this software interesting, email me with your thoughts and especially if you might be interested in purchasing when it is completed.